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Whats going on in the garden?!

   Two weeks ago, I was outside raking old dead plants and leaves from my gardens. I found my lilies coming up all along my house, note to self, they need to be thinned, and I took my velcro plant tape and fixed up my rose bushes. I raked out he large bed and found hundreds of things coming up, still have no clue what most of it is yet, and cleaned out my from garden were most of the natives are, which are also coming up! Everything was so alive and beautiful! Then it happened! Thursday night, on my way home from a Joe walsh concert down state, we Got hit by an ice storm. I was worried all the way home! But! There is a but! When I got home to investigate, I found that my area only got some rain and a little snow! Thank you god! I know that most of what is out there will have no problem living threw whatever northern Michigan throws at them, but I’m already anxious enough half them time so it was really bothering me. But no worries!

I have most, if not all, of my pots and grow bags collected and ready for my container veggie garden! I cleaned out and raked the area I plan on setting it all up. I will be going back threw all of my seeds to make sure everything is ready. I can start a few cold weather crops at the end of this month.
I ended up repotting my tomato seedlings as they were not doing well. I figured it was because the pots were so small. Now they are doing great and have their second set of leaves.
The swallowtail columbine I received in a trade is doing amazing also! I should have enough to spread it out into a few spots in the garden. I’m thinking of putting a clump in a pot by my veggies so the butterflies and whatnot can help with pollination.
I should be able to get the mini greenhouse outside very soon. When I do, I plan on starting some other things that didn’t last in the house.
Well I think that’s all the garden news I have right now!


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I have to apologize for not posting much in the last 2 weeks. I just haven’t been feeling myself lately. I’m sure it will pass soon. I think its just me being tired from all the spring cleaning. As soon as I’m feeling better I have a great list of spring cleaning tips to post as well as some garden pictures and updates! Thanks for understanding!

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Cleaning tips


  My living room is my favorite place in my house. It is were I sit and do most of my work that is not done in my sewing room. It is also home to all of my books, my record player and my chair of course! Because we use it so much, it tends to get messy pretty quick. My biggest problem in this room is dust. My husband smokes in the house so that really doesn’t help. I am always dusting! Here are some tips to consider when cleaning your living room:

1. Dust first! I always spray some swifter dust and shine on my duster first. (I know it isn’t “green”, but I really love the smell) Be sure to dust the ceiling before anything else.

2. Windows. Ugh. I don’t like doing windows but if air must, I always use vinegar and coffee filters. It sounds weird but it works better then anything else!

3. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet 5 minutes before running the vacuum through. It takes away any odor and brightens your carpet.

4. I always have a problem with dog hair in the cracks and crevices of my furniture. To take care of this issue, I take packing tape or masking tape and wrap it around my 4 fingers so that the sticky side is on the outside. I then pat over the hairy spots. This works pretty well. If you have a sticky lint roller, that will work too!

Next week I am going to tell you all about spring cleaning and share tips on heavy cleaning and some awesome organization tips!