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  I’ll admit, I am not ever good at keeping up with my journal or my blog. I have had so much going on this year after moving into a new house. It’s a long time coming but my house is almost all put together and organized. I had to put a large chunk of the organization on hold for about 6 months as we had a roommate. A friend of my husband who had fallen onto some hard times. I don’t like to speak ill of people but this man was filthy!
   I spent 90% of my time picking up his dirty socks and whatever else he left in the living room.
   Now that I have all of my rooms back, I have been able to figure out what to do with them. My two spare rooms and my porch have become a long project. And with the hubby working midnight I have plenty of time to work on them.
   The first, my old sewing room, is now the utility room. Equipped with an old kitchen table, for spotting seeds and indoor plants,  a computer hutch, for storage, and a closet where totes and such for household repair and maintenance are housed. This room is mainly for my hubby, god love him, who can’t seem to keep most of this stuff in one place.
   The second and bigger spare room is now my sewing/arts & crafts room. A nice set up with my desk, my sewing table, my breakfast cart (for my drawing), my art easel, closet, a built in wall dresser with table top and even my small exercise bike and yoga mat.
  The porch has 2 rooms, the smaller of the 2 is my hubby’s man cave. The bigger is where all my notes of holiday decor, gardening, bikes and the hubby’s work bench is.
   It took a lot of time and energy to organize all those notes and drawers and closets but It’s almost complete.
   I am hoping that after everything is complete I will be able to paint. I never thought that a 3 bedroom 2 bath double wide could be so much work.


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