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Spring cleaning: Part 1

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   I have always been the one to do the dirty jobs. My dad couldn’t stomach them and my mom way always working. Now, my husband can’t stomach them and is always working when I seem to do the nastiest jobs.
   It has been about 6 months since we move into our new place. It isn’t anything great, but I love it. It is a house trailer but a big one. It is 74 feet long and 20 feet wide. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen, breakfast nook, and a really big living room. I also have an amazing porch which is closed in and it has many windows as well as a small room, which I gave to the hubby for his mancave.
    Although the place was built in the 60’s, it stands well and has many newly renovated areas. Both bathrooms and the kitchen have been redone and are spectacular. The porch is an addition as well as the breakfast nook and part of my living room.
    I told you all of that to give you a better idea of what I am working with. The lady that lived here before us was..well to put it nicely..not the cleanest person. It has taken this long to get it halfway clean. I don’t think she ever cleaned the windows or the walls. This has made my spring cleaning quite difficult.
  Part 1 of my spring cleaning will have to do with my most used spaces: the living room, kitchen and the breakfast nook.
  I learned my cleaning ways from my mother, a neat freak in her own rite, who also did things a little unorthodox.
1. I first start by taking everything out of the living room. Pictures and nik nacs go into a box. Everything else small goes into another. Books and movies go on the bar separating my living room from my breakfast nook.
2. I get the steam cleaner and set it up using the pet stain and smell soap. Clean the furniture one by one. Couch first, I do the cushions then the rest. I then slide the couch into the hallway while it drys. Then I do the chairs and put them into the kitchen.
3. I was the end tables with hot water and lemon juice and put them out of the way too.
4. When everything is out of the living room, I get a bucket of hot water and vinaiger (bleach if you want) and clean the walls. It might be easier to run the duster in the corners first. After you clean them, you may wish to paint them.
5. I then take my handy steam cleaner and clean the carpet. I’m a bit anal about this. I clean them until the water comes out clear, which is quite time consuming.
6. This is when I take my break, to let things dry.
7. When everything is ready, I put it back, in an order that makes sense. Don’t forget to wipe down your pictures and nic naks if you haven’t already.
8. Everything should smell and look nice.
You can do it any way you want, this is just the best for me.
Kitchen is up next!


One thought on “Spring cleaning: Part 1

  1. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inbdcriele!

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