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Cleaning day tips!


I’m a day late! Sorry. I spent my day in a mall looking for new kitchen towels. anyhow! Last night I cleaned both of my bathrooms. Out of all my cleaning duties, I think that the bathroom is my favorite. You can clean a bathroom in just a short time. Here are some Bathroom cleaning tips that will speed up your cleaning and make it safer for you to be in the bathroom while cleaning.

1. The first thing that you should do is dump about a half of a cup of vinegar in your toilet. Be sure to drip some on the inside bowl walls. Close the lid and keep it closed until you are done with the rest of the bathroom. When you are done with the rest of the bathroom, take your toilet brush and give your toilet a nice scrub. The toilet should sparkle.
2. Take everything out of your shower/tub and spray the inside with water. Once it is wet, sprinkle with baking soda and let it sit also. When you are ready, scrub the shower/bathtub with a scrub brush. The baking soda also keeps any nasty smells from coming up the drain!
3. Clean your sink with lemon juice for a nice shine.
4. If you have lime buildup, saturate a paper towel in vinegar and cover the spots. Leave over night and it should come right off. Repeat if necessary.

Next week I will have tips on kitchen cleaning!


9 thoughts on “Cleaning day tips!

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  2. I also put a few tablespoons of baking soda down my tub and sink drains and follow it with about a cup of white vinegar. It bubbles like crazy. But, it keeps your drains clear. When the bubbling stops, run warm water down the drain.

  3. Yes of course! I forgot that one! Thanks!

  4. No problem! Can’t wait to read more!

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